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Pillar One

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A Review of the Amount A Double Tax Relief Rules

The Amount A elimination of double taxation provisions in Title 5 of the Progress Report on Amount A of Pillar One apply to prevent a multinational group being taxed twice on profits allocated to a market jurisdiction where there is already some form or physical establishment that is subject to tax. 

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How does Pillar One Tie into Pillar Two?

Although Pillar One and Pillar Two are largely separate, the draft Pillar One rules issued by the OECD on July 11, 2022 include some interesting overlaps with Pillar Two.  Read our analysis of how Pillar One ties into Pillar Two.

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Pillar One Profit Allocation Calculator

On July 11, 2022, the OECD released a progress report on its Two Pillar Solution. This included draft rules on Pillar One. Whilst these draft rules are subject to a consultation, they nevertheless make interesting reading, particularly as there has, to date, been very little detailed information on the marketing and distribution profits safe harbour. Use our Pillar One profit allocation calculator to see the impact of the profit reallocation and marketing and distribution profits safe harbour.

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