MNE Systems Changes

Private Equity Fund Structure

Cross-Border Deals After Pillar Two

In this article we look at some of the most significant issues to consider including the determination of when and how deals can bring groups within the scope of Pillar Two, specific considerations for private equity funds, differences in GloBE and domestic tax treatment and potential restrictions on post-acquisition transfers. 

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image showing 'the world and the flow of ideas'

Data Points For the Transitional CbCR Safe Harbour

The Transitional CbCR Safe Harbour is a short-term measure that will allow an MNE to avoid undertaking detailed GloBE calculations for a jurisdiction if certain requirements are met. Data will need to be extracted from the CbC Report, financial statements and ERP and EPM systems. Group structure information will also be required.

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QDMTT Design Features

UPE Data Points for the GloBE Information Return

In this first of a series of articles that will break down all of the data points for the purposes of the Pillar Two GloBE rules (and in particular the expected reporting in the GloBE information return), we look at the UPE data points in the corporate structure.

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