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Pillar Two Calculation

commercial property

Investment Property & The GloBE Rules

Whilst the treatment of investment property for financial accounting purposes is important when determining the GloBE treatment, of even more importance are any differences between the financial accounting treatment and the domestic tax treatment.

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Joint Ventures and Pillar Two

Joint Ventures and the Allocation of Pillar Two Top-Up Tax

The Pillar Two rules include specific rules for Joint Ventures (JVs) that would otherwise not be within the scope of Pillar Two due to not being consolidated in the financial accounts of the MNE group. However, of more interest is how the amount of top-tax tax (and by implication the amount not collected) varies depending on the JV group structure. Read more in this article.

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Treatment of R&D Tax Incentives under the Pillar 2 GloBE Rules

Tax incentives for R&D are a common way for a jurisdiction to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).
In this article we look at the financial accounting, domestic tax and Pillar Two treatment of some of the key incentives offered including a deduction, capitalized treatment, a super deduction, tax credits and patent boxes or other similar arrangements.

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