Pillar Two Tax Modelling Tool

Our Pillar Two Modelling Tool allows you to estimate your jurisdictional top-up tax liability and the impact on your effective tax rate (ETR). 

It handles an unlimited number of companies and jurisdictions. 

Simply enter entity-level relevant financial details and this tool instantly takes care of all of the jurisdictional blending calculations. You don’t need to complete all of the financial data boxes, however, the more information provided, the more accurate the figures. 

The Modelling Tool handles all of the Pillar Two GloBE adjustments including:

  • All Pillar Two additions and reductions in financial income 
  • All Pillar Two additions and reductions to the current tax expense
  • Pillar Two deferred tax adjustments
  • The Substance-Based Income Exclusion
image showing 'Pillar Two Modelling Tool'

If you’re a site member, you can access the Pillar Two Modelling Tool (for free) at: 

Pillar Two Modelling Tool