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Cloud-Based Software for Unrivalled Pillar Two Analytics and Insights

Our cloud-based Pillar Two software provides access to market-leading analysis and insights to allow you to model the impact of the Pillar Two GloBE Rules on any potential top-up tax liability, determine best and worst case scenarios and simulate the impact of making various Pillar Two elections.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based data input allows for a collaborative approach to data entry. Multiple teams can work on a single file to simplify the data entry requirements.
  • The backend data entry can be configured to pull data from various ERP systems.
  • Analysis and insights are provided by a front-end web portal in your private membership account. 
  • The cloud input data syncs with the web portal in a split second, meaning your analysis and insights are always up to date.

Analytics and Insights

Calculate Pillar Two Top-Up Tax and Model the Impact on Your ETR
  • Determine potential Pillar Two jurisdictional top-up tax liabilities over a 5-year period
  • Identify the impact on your global and jurisdictional ETR
  • The software handles all the jurisdictional blending calculations as well as GloBE income and tax adjustments, including deferred tax
  • Interactive graphs and charts to instantly see key takeaways
GloBE Modelling Tool
Easily Adjust Assets and Payroll to See the Impact on your Top-Up Tax Liability
  • The Substance-Based Income Exclusion directly reduces Pillar Two GloBE income subject to top-up tax.
  • Model the impact of changes to jurisdictional tangible fixed assets and/or payroll on top-up tax liabilities via the substance-based income exclusion.
Model the Impact of Making a GloBE Loss Deferred Tax Asset Election
  • The GloBE Loss Deferred Tax Asset Election eliminates the deferred tax entries from the financial accounts (and any GloBE adjustments) when determining the Pillar Two top-up tax. Instead, a loss carry-forward is created which operates in a similar way to a deferred tax asset.
  • This is a key election, as it is a ‘once and for all’ election.
  • Use the Pillar Two Tax Engine to instantly assess whether it is advantageous to make a GloBE Loss Deferred Tax Asset Election.
Model the Impact of Making an Election to Spread Capital Gains
  • The Election to Spread Capital Gains allows capital gains to be carried back for 4-years and allocated amongst the jurisdictional entities.
  • Determine the impact of making an Election to Spread Capital Gains.
Model the Impact of Making an Stock-Based Compensation Election
  • The Stock-Based Compensation Election replaces the relevant entry in the financial accounts with the tax deduction. 
  • Use the Pillar Two Tax Engine to instantly see the effect of making a Stock-Based Compensation Election on your top-up tax liability. 
Detailed Supporting Workings
  • Supported by detailed workings to allow you to track the impact of changes and adjustments.
Pillar Two Tax Engine - detailed workings
Living Software
  • New features are added on a weekly basis. Subscribers have access to all updates which will automatically be available via the cloud-based data entry system and in your membership portal.