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Treatment of CFC Taxes: QDMTTs vs GloBE Rules

Under Article 4.3.2(c) of the OECD Model Rules, tax paid under a CFC regime is generally allocated for GloBE purposes to the CFC entity. However, Article 5.1.3 of the OECD Administrative Guidance confirms that this is not the case for Qualified Domestic Minimum Top-Up Taxes (QDMTTs). 

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The Importance of Domestic Minimum Taxes Qualifying as QDMTT

Qualifying Domestic Minimum Top-Up Taxes (QDMTT’s) are a key part of the top-up tax calculation. Jurisdictions are free to introduce them or not and they are taken into account when calculating jurisdictional top-up tax. In this article we look at why a domestic minimum tax would need to be set at above 15% if it was not a qualifying domestic minimum top-up tax.

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