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Deferred Tax

Accounting standards and how they impact on Pillar Two

Pillar Two Accounting Disclosures Under IFRS

IAS 1, IAS 10 and IAS 12 all have provisions that can impact on the required disclosures in financial statements for Pillar Two, however, the key determinant will be whether the domestic tax law to implement the Pillar Two GloBE Rules has been announced, substantively enacted, or enacted before the financial statements are issued.

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Pillar Two GloBE Loss Election – Friend or Foe?

The Pillar Two GloBE loss election can only be made once per jurisdiction. Therefore it’s essential to identity whether this will be beneficial or not. There may be some cases (such as where there is no deferred tax in a jurisdiction or where corporate income tax rates are very low) that this could swing the balance in favour of making an election. But what about the impact of other timing differences? In this article we look at the pro’s and con’s of making a GloBE loss election, including examples to illustrate key issues.

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Pillar Two Deferred Tax Asset Calculator

Deferred Tax is a key element of the Pillar Two Rules, aimed at smoothing out the effective tax rate to address timing differences. This simple Pillar Two deferred tax calculator shows the broad operation of a deferred tax asset and its impact on the effective tax rate and top-up tax.

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